Thursday, December 5, 2013

Illustration Friday: REFRAIN

This week's Illustration Friday topic is REFRAIN!!

This image is inspired by my niece, whom I've seen do this with her big brother holding her back, feet scraping against the floor as she reaches and strains for something just out of reach (the last cookie!)

Also, it's inspired by the holiday season, where it's hard not to feel the tug of wanting more of everything. The floodgates are open!! The race is on!! And sometimes, we have to be the long gray arm that holds us back from what could turn into a major belly ache.


  1. This is really great, I love the snowy effect on the background. I have hold my kids back from the holiday displays in all the stores now, so I know the feeling (and the captured it well)!

  2. Thoughtful solution to this week's challenge! Someone would need to hold ME back from those cookies!! :) the added detail of the mitten clips!!!


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