Thursday, September 25, 2014

Illustration Friday: NOVELTY

This week's Illustration Friday theme is: NOVELTY. This picture is dedicated to and *utterly* influenced by the Bird Banding Workshop I attended last weekend at the Plum Island Bird Banding Station near Newburyport, MA. At the station, temporarily captured birds each receive a sparkling metal band, an id bracelet that assists researchers in efforts to understand and help conserve wild bird populations.

I am pretty sure released birds are not showing off their novel new bling to their friends, but I wanted to "dovetail" this week's theme into recent experiences, and to create an image I could send to the Station.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Blog Casserole: Dummies, Dr. Seuss and Secret Sketches

Book Dummy

A new, freshly printed picture book dummy is always exciting. After months of discovery, fun and hard work. I sent mine off for its first agent review last week! 

Song for Dr. Seuss

Here's my recent Writers Rumpus post / Neil Young tribute song about being a Dr. Seuss fan. Inspired by watching the Open Mic night event at the May NESCBWI conference. And the NYC Public Library exhibit on Why Children's Books Matter.

Secret Sketches

I'm working on new <secret> sketches for a <potential> new illustration assignment! More to come.