Thursday, June 13, 2013

Illustration Friday: CHILDREN

This week's Illustration Friday theme is "Children," and though it felt rushed and not quite finished, I had fun coming up with some kid/play scenarios and remembering how unbelievably fun it was to cover someone's eyes with your hands!! I've been trying to focus a bit on sidekicks, so I tried to pair the kids up.

I was reading an article this week on the importance of physical play and how through play, kids are constantly trying out ways of interacting with the world and each other that will inform their adult lives. It's not just goofing off! (though perhaps a little of it is!)


  1. That is so true about covering someone's eyes! (Been a LONG time since I've done or experienced that!!) I also love the pair with the inch worm! That brings back memories as well. You are so good at capturing moments that either stirs nostalgia, or simply makes people "feel" something!

    1. thanks michele :) I think that's what I try to do, I really feel the nostalgia as I'm working on the images, it's almost the reason I do them! and I'm glad it comes across. :)


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