Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Book Review: Tim's Big Move

Tim's Big Move, by Anke Wagner and Eva Eriksson, is about the fears of starting something new, as seen through the eyes of Tim's stuffed animal dog, Pico. When Tim's family gets ready to move to a new town, Pico is afraid that he will be left behind. As he watches Tim pack, Pico's anxiety grows. The clouds finally clear when Pico is able to find his place in their new home.

The story brilliantly projects a child's fears onto a stuffed animal, abstracting them to make them easier to relate to and feel. 

The illustrations are drawn in lovely, soft colored pencil, a comforting presence to help with Pico's difficult feelings. Pico's facial expressions, from worry to dejection to joy, are beautifully and simply rendered. The color palette is a quiet but positive palette, with lots of yellows and greens, the colors of both discomfort and growth. 

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