Friday, February 25, 2011


One great suggestion I got was to make the oar locks open
(as they are in real life)! This fits in with my feeling too.

I am submitting this for the "Journey" theme at the Illustration
Friday site.


  1. the closed oarlocks are appropriate too since we don't have much choice at navigating the flow of time. Whether we dip our hands into the water is a whole other story. It looks like you are pondering your next stroke with a clear view of where you have been wondering where hope will take you...

  2. Thank you! What a great insight. I hadn't clearly thought about it being the moment before the stroke. I just read about the Japanese idea of "ma" -- pause, the space in between that gives meaning to the whole form.

  3. like the breath that gives form to the sound. We are so focused on action that I think we forget to relish the moments in between, the moments we ponder and dream. I know I forget about them. I completely enjoy those moments of pause but find them to be slightly terrifying. I also find that they get lost in the daily shuffle and chaos.


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