Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lemur and Le-cart

Saw a very moving Nature show with a lemur mom
faced with a hard decision. 


  1. That reminds me of a time when I was younger and went shopping with my mom and dad. We picked up some hot fried fish at the meat counter and started nibbeling on it on our way through the store.Then when we got to the register my mom only had foodstamps on her and she thought my dad had cash. He didn't. We were then told that anything from the meat counter couldn't be paid for with food stamps. I still remember my mom stopping with a piece of fried fish half way to her mouth as she found out the news. Very embarasing! LOL.

  2. Your drawing and your vision grows with almost every new piece. The pieces are singular, narrative and personal.Each image directly interacts with the viewer to construct an immediate and intimate dialogue. Very moving!

  3. @ MG -- It IS a really strange moment. When things that are normally casual and routine become an issue you weren't really preparing for!
    @ JF -- thank you always for your support and close proximity!!!


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