Friday, April 26, 2013

Illustration Friday: TRAIN

Shayla was scared but ready to get started on her new adventure!

This week's image was inspired by the excitement/nerves of starting something new, going on a trip!, getting new impressions, handing over your ticket. Thinking of parents and coworkers traveling to Europe recently, making contact with an old friend on Facebook, and, more darkly, contemplating the choices the Marathon bombers made that changed many lives forever. Which trip are you going to take?


  1. So expressive! I can feel the excitement! As always, great perspective, and I love the loose, sketchiness of it!

  2. This picture tells a great story!

  3. That IS exciting! I can feel the energy. All those nervous and happy people behind her -- wonderful! This makes me think of my daughter's first plane trip across the country without me next year. She's extremely excited, but I'm a nervous wreck. hehehe!

    1. Hi Bella, thanks! I was channeling that moment when you are going on your first trip alone and everyone around you is nervous, excited, or both -- the first time my niece and nephew flew alone, my brother and sister in law were in emotional limbo until they landed!


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