Friday, February 8, 2013

Character Mentor: a good read!

Here's a good book about character illustration that I've been reading lately, Character Mentor. It's been a great help as I try to make my illustration characters seem more alive. Things like tilting the head, twisting the body, ways to make characters look less stiff. I am still absorbing it, and there's lots I haven't quite gotten to yet (which way do clothes fall?) but it's been a real help! It's a nice companion to Walt Stanchfield's Drawn to Life.


  1. I appreciate this review! I have the Stanchfield book(s) on my Amazon wishlist! Do you recommend reading those first?

    1. I think the Stanchfield books first is a good idea -- they are huge, I only have the first one so far -- and are great to read through -- like primary sources back in history class. LOTS of great tips on a wide range of things, from the best in the business. The Character Mentor book has more focus and some exercises was refreshing after reading Drawn to Life bits at a time in the mornings.


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