Thursday, January 17, 2013

Illustration Friday -- Ocean

This week's Illustration Friday challenge OCEAN coincided with my big brother's birthday. He and I used to rock together in the living room rocking chair and yell out, "Ship, Ships Ahoy!!!"-- pretending we were on the ocean. I have no idea if that comes across in the image, but it was such a great memory I wanted to try to portray it. Happy Birthday, Matt! Ships Ahoy!


  1. Your work is always so nostalgic & thoughtful!!! I love it!!!

  2. Thanks Mit! I just scanned back through the last several IFs and they ARE nostalgic! I didn't realize it 'till you pointed it out. :D

  3. It does come across in the image! You conveyed the fun in the moment and of the memory in a really charming way. It's making me think about memories I share with my sister!

    1. Thank you for your comments :) The fact that it made you think of your memories is so great!


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