Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sky -- Illustration Friday

I am excited to be back doing Illustration Friday challenges after a little while away! This week's challenge is "Sky," a great topic, full of possibilities! Some weeks I struggle and struggle to come up with an idea, this week's came pretty quickly: a girl leaning her ladder on the clouds and discovering the strange water-like quality of the sky. I'm not crazy about the execution -- sketchy and quickly colored in Photoshop -- but I am so happy to have an entry. Thanks to Creations by Mit for her encouragement!


  1. VERY cool! I love the way you made the sky ripple so convincingly & the way the ladder is sinking into the fluffy cloud! GREAT to have you back, Diana!!!!

    1. Thanks Michele!!! :D Hope you have kleenex and are feeling better.

  2. Will something reach out and suck her in? Cool concept and drawing. :)


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