Thursday, May 24, 2012

Justine Siegal, Baseball for All

Here is a sketch for a book idea about Justine Siegal, the first woman to pitch batting practice in the Major Leagues. She pitched to the Cleveland Indians, among others, in 2011, and coaches the minor league's Brockton Rox. She has a great and inspiring story, and has created a hugely successful non-profit, Baseball for All, to help others be able to play, in her words, "the greatest game on earth."


  1. Love this sketch!!!!!! Diana,I'm allways amazed by you rwonderful use fo space adn composition. This piece is particularly note worthy for me because I've done sooo many images of characters sleeping for various projects and I do tons of thumbnails tryign to get different perspectives on the scene each time. Generally the clients chose the thumbnail that tries to cram the most information into it from a zoomed out perspective on the room. Your sketch is fantastic and exactly what I woudl love to be able to do. More and more I've tried to get clients ot see the beauty and energy of a closely cropped image getting right in on the important bits with little details aroudn the edges like you have. In all of the thumbnails and finals I've done of characters in bed, I don't think I've ever done a composition as nice as this. This would be an awesesome mailer postcard for the publishers!

  2. LOVE THIS, Diana!! So much detail - from the sheets to the pennant to the bat handle on the night stand & bat bedpost! - taking up every square inch of the space! With such a sweet expression on her face, you know she must be dreaming of the big leagues! Great storytelling here!


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