Wednesday, March 9, 2011

And the Pea

My Mom didn't get this one. I think in another version I would
put her in a bedroom, maybe more mattresses, some pea pods,
a little more CONTEXT.


  1. You could make an entire book that flips fairytales on their heads, LOL. I just did a quick search for "The Princess and The Pea" and found this website with the classic story. It's so strange reading it again as an adult after so many years! Wow! I think if an author asked me to illustrate this story I would suggest all kinds of changes to the story as it is such a weird conculsion.

  2. Cool idea! Like the three little pigs are really on a stake out to catch the wolf. Or Snow White is really made of snow... I will check out the original pea story again. :)


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